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From our humble beginning in 1975 as a kiosk in a shopping mall, selling only whole bean coffee, Second Cup Coffee Co.™ has become the largest Canadian specialty coffee retailer. Our goal is to be the best. For us, that means putting coffee at the core of business, focusing on quality, innovation and creating an individual experience for our customers.

With innovation, sustainability and a focus on the community in our DNA and in our beans, we know you’ll want a Second Cup.

In August, 1975, Second Cup was born as a kiosk shopping mall that sold six blends of specialty coffee beans.

This was a small yet impressive start to what was to come next – an exciting future as a staple Canadian brand, brewing fresh, delicious coffees every day.

Throughout the late 1980s, the chain experienced rapid growth. By 1989, Second Cup had approximately 130 cafés, with shopping malls and office tower locations comprising over two thirds of its café network, and an ongoing focus on brewed coffee, whole bean coffee and coffee-related merchandise.

In the 1990s, we brushed up on our French and dipped our toes in the Quebec market with two cafés in Montreal.

Mais oui! As café culture swept across North America, we expanded our offerings to include espresso, blender drinks, iced teas and a whole lot more.

As a Canadian specialty coffee retailer, Second Cup has become a second home to hundreds of thousands of customers every day. And because we know our customers appreciate a great cup of coffee, we’ve created an environment that highlights this careful coffee selection process, pays homage to the global coffee community, and shares with them our wealth of coffee knowledge.

Paired with baristas that celebrate craftsmanship and take pride in all that they do, each experience is truly handcrafted. 

We decided it was time for a makeover -- The Second Cup Coffee Co.™ café concept opened December 5th at 289 King Street West in Toronto. To go with our fresh new look, we revamped what goes in our cups, too.

All the way from sunny California, Pinkberry® frozen yogurt joined our menu to make life a little sweeter. Their high-quality, fresh ingredients make you feel good about indulging, with as little as 100 calories per cup.


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