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About us

Silaa digital shopping platform offers a variety of services and products under one roof, and works with passion and creativity to provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Whether you love tourism, fashion, decoration, or you are looking for marketing services, programming, legal advice, or other daily needs, you will find it with us using smart search tools.

We strive to provide a competitive shopping experience that includes the following advantages:

  • Unlimited options
  • low prices
  • Fast shipping services

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Our Services

What do we offer?

Shopping Platform

You will have an exceptional online shopping experience, as it offers you a variety of professional services and distinctive products that you can buy online.

Business Directory

It is an electronic service that brings together service companies of various fields in the form of specialized commercial pages.


We display an advertisement for your business in a beautiful and attractive way in a variety of ways on our main website.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Silaa shopping platform?

    Silaa is a smart shopping platform aimed at facilitating customer life by converting the traditional shopping method into a more easy, comfortable and luxurious electronic method.

    We strive to provide the easiest and best ways to access services and products within one place.

  • Silaa shopping platform offers customers a different shopping experience by offering a variety and more options for services and products, low prices, and fast shipping and delivery options to all Kingdom regions.

  • The website is compatible in Arabic and English language.

  • Yes, it's free.

    • Quick and effective access to all services or products.
    • The ability to search for services and products in any area you specify.
    • Knowing customer reviews and opinions to ensure quality before purchasing.
    • Low and competitive prices.
    • Many and varied options for services and products ensure that you get the best.
    • More than 30 shipping companies to all regions of the Kingdom in addition to refrigerated freight.

    • Create an integrated commercial page dedicated to service companies.
    • Display all services in an innovative and specialized manner.
    • SEO service to appear on the first pages of search engines.
    • Increase targeting and sales channels.

    • Expansion and increase targeting and sales channels in the region for a new customer segment.
    • Appearing on the first pages of search engines for commercial and product pages with SEO service.
    • Ease of access for customers and customers to your services and products.
    • Marketing and advertising in the right place.

    • Create a commercial page within minutes that can sell directly without a monthly subscription fee.
    • Providing electronic payment service to customers (Visa, MasterCard, Mada, Apple Pay).
    • More than 30 shipping companies linked to the platform, delivering to all the Kingdom regions.
    • Refrigerated freight service in addition to pick-up and door-to-door delivery.
    • Archiving the commercial page and products in a correct manner and quick results to appear on the first pages of search engines.
    • A specialized team to create the commercial page upon request.

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