About Us

About Us


Welcome to the Silaa Platform for Digital Marketing


Silaa is a shopping platform that brings together individuals and companies with a new and unique idea that aims to provide a comprehensive, easy and convenient shopping space.


We believe that online shopping has become a way of life, as the latest statistics indicated that 91% of Saudis are heading towards online shopping, so we launched and developed our platform so that our customers can shop quickly and simply from anywhere.


The Silaa Platform, with its elegant interface and intuitive search features, provides an integrated shopping experience for its customers, ensuring quick and effective access to all their needs via the Internet from within their homes, without incurring the trouble of fatigue, transportation, and searching for offices and stores to access services and products.


We take you to a new stage of luxury. If you intend to spend an enjoyable vacation with your family, or you are looking for an ideal gift for a special person, or you crave to try a delicious meal in the finest restaurants. or on the other hand, you are looking for an engineering company to design your dream home or an office for legal advice, then Gulf Market shopping platform is your ideal choice.


You can move to a world of diverse services and products that include (fashion, perfumes, gifts, jewellery, food, furniture, electrical and electronic devices, marketing services, law, travel and tourism, real estate, water desalination, etc...) where we offer you more than 33 thousand product and service.





To be more focused on customers by providing an ideal shopping experience that facilitates customers' access to services and products.





To provide an online shopping platform that enables customers to search and purchase services and products in all fields openly and easily.





An online shopping platform with a unique customer experience.