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King Fahd Medical City started as a pioneering idea that turned into reality, was adopted by the late King Fahd bin Abdulaziz - may God have mercy on him - and His Highness the Prince of Riyadh at the time, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, preferred to lay the foundation stone for the city in 1403 AH -1983 AD Operation during his reign, which was inaugurated by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, then crown prince - may God have mercy on him - on 8/21/1425 AH corresponding to 5/10/2004 AD.

King Fahd Medical City enjoys a strategic location in the heart of Riyadh - the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is considered one of the largest and fastest growing medical complexes in the Middle East with a total capacity (1200) beds. The King Fahd Medical City has a highly qualified technical and administrative administrative body All of them share to achieve one goal, which is to make King Fahd Medical City a leading reference center for medical care, referring cases to patients from all over the region. And at all levels of treatment where medical and professional competencies in various disciplines come together to provide assistance to patients, which annually monitors over 30,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatient patients. As the work environment of King Fahd Medical City enjoys the presence of qualified persons, this provides more excellent care and commitment to comprehensive quality in dealing with patients in addition to achieving one of the priorities of King Fahd Medical City is to spread knowledge and culture of development and achievement in society.

King Fahd Medical City has witnessed several historical stages:

The first stage was to operate the largest medical city in the Middle East, and it included four hospitals, four medical centers, and various support departments.

As for the second stage, it consisted in working to make King Fahd Medical City the standard reference for specialized medical services at all levels for treating incurable diseases, benefiting from the latest technologies in the world, and in strategic partnerships with global industrial and medical sectors, and despite all this progress and work is still The medical city revolves around the generous directives of the guardian that the citizen be the center of all this work, according to the slogan of the Ministry of Health (citizen health first), using the latest technologies in treating the patient.

King Fahd Medical City is proud of the qualified national medical, technical and administrative personnel it contains at the highest level, where many scholars and trainees are dispatched annually to the most prestigious universities in the world, and dozens of international scientific conferences, medical and educational events and accumulated workshops are held annually. These vital elements are employed by the medical city to develop its mission towards society by providing safe, specialized and specialized healthcare based on scientific evidence and enhanced by education, training and research. The medical city has achieved many international achievements and recognition and won prizes Mieh several over the past years, and will continue this approach to be a reference standard regionally and globally, Allah willing, in the field of specialized medical services

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