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When it comes to choosing a hospital, one thing is clear: the quality of the provided. Our long tradition of providing distinguished and high-quality medical services in a comfortable and comfortable environment for more than two decades means peace of mind for the thousands of patients who receive every year full care by our team of doctors, specialists and nurses at Green Crescent Hospital.
Where we focus on providing a wide range of modern and advanced medical services of outstanding quality, which allows us to improve the health of the communities we serve with love and understanding of the needs of patients and their different families. As an institution that provides medical care, we aspire to be the first choice for people among hospitals in Riyadh and to be distinguished by achieving the satisfaction of our patients, and to provide the best possible quality medically and services, in addition to the best doctors, specialists and staff.
We seek to change medical services in the Kingdom in a way that positively affects people's lives. We also work together, placing the patient at the top of our agenda, where it is the concern for the individual and adherence to the values ​​and ethics embodied in honesty and sincerity in work and the continuation of learning and continuing to work in an effort to improve our skills, programs and services, which is what distinguishes the Green Crescent Hospital and determines its prestigious position that it enjoys today.



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