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About Us

Our vision / serving the pilgrims.

Our Mission / Harnessing all material and human capabilities to serve the pilgrims.

The fifth pillar company is one of the most prominent companies working in the field of serving pilgrims inside
Since its establishment, the company has set this task in mind to contribute to creating an appropriate climate for pilgrims in the house of God, forming a firm base in care and attention.
As the ritual performance of this ritual requires serenity and dignity. This is what the company seeks to create the conditions so that the pilgrim can perform it in the required manner easily and peacefully and without any disturbance.
Before the start of the Hajj season, the Fifth Pillar Company is intensifying its efforts, benefiting from its experiences in previous years, by providing all the capabilities and needs in order to achieve a safe Hajj.
The fifth pillar company includes many administrative cadres with sufficient experience and experience in managing and directing the campaign. The fifth pillar company has prepared all its employees to subject them to the necessary training and guidance.
The company also includes a technical team of supervisors with different specializations, each of which has its job from living supervisors, housing supervisors, transport supervisors, and bus supervisors ...
In addition to the presence of drivers and trained labor for service tasks, there are also security guards.
The company also offers various cultural and advocacy activities in various periods, as well as competitions it holds from time to time, and offers prizes to the winners.
As well as the establishment of cultural and advocacy programs, where a number of sheikhs and students of science are hosted to give lectures.
With the pilgrimage season, the fifth pillar company receives requests for those wishing to perform the pilgrimage rituals through the official channels specified by the Ministry of Pilgrimage, and then completes the procedures to extract pilgrimage permits from civil status and passports for pilgrims free of charge committed to these costs ....
The company's transportation services have contributed to an increase in those wishing to join it,
Where the company hires aircraft from Saudi Airlines with high specifications for the company's pilgrims
Where the pilgrims begin to go to Mecca via King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah on the seventh day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah.
The company has provided advanced, air-conditioned and luxurious transportation, with a guide from the people of Mecca ...
These buses receive pilgrims from King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah to Mina and vice versa after completing the rituals of the pilgrimage. As for moving between the holy feelings, it is through the Train of Sentiments, which allows the pilgrim to perform the obligatory prayer comfortably.
In order to develop the services provided, the Fifth Pillar Company has put oversight of all actions by its officials from the company throughout the Hajj period to ensure the service of pilgrims, putting the comfort of the pilgrim in the highest priority.


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