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 Tomorrow's safety ... with your attention today

We meet your aspirations:

In order to help you save and plan your future, we allow you in the Development Bank to save savings with more than one package, which is designed with high flexibility to suit your needs, and helps you achieve your own goals, in formats compatible with the legal provisions and controls and in line with our values ​​based on transparency and innovation.

Benefits to keep up with your needs

Open a savings account for free

Freedom to withdraw and deposit (as per the conditions of the package).

The possibility of opening a savings account through the Alinma site through the family account service.

Knowing the movement of the account through the statements of accounts, and by self-banking services.

Safe financial returns distributed monthly according to the investment results.

The flexibility of the yield and its increase by increasing the balance and decreasing it by decreasing the balance

The possibility of withdrawals at any time during the investment period (according to the conditions of the package).

A minimum balance is required for the savings account, and it is considered the eligible balance for entering the investment vessel and for obtaining the return (according to the conditions of the package).

Easier requirements for better service

Opening a current account with Alinma Bank

A valid identity

Signing the savings account opening agreement


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