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 Al Sagr Company for Cooperative Insurance, practices insurance activity and it is a public shareholding with a capital of 400 million riyals holding a commercial record 1010243765 PO Box 305 Phone 920001043 National Address 5249-32241 Website Licensed with license number TN / 13 / 20083 and subject to the supervision and supervision of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

Al-Sagr Company has been present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1983 as a branch of Al-Sagr National Insurance Company - United Arab Emirates and later as an agent for the Saudi Falcon Insurance Company - Bahrain.

Today, the company practices insurance after obtaining the necessary licenses in accordance with the insurance regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are "Al Saqr Cooperative Insurance Company", a public shareholding company, listed on the Saudi stock market, Tadawul, with a capital of 400 million Saudi riyals. We aspire to become the first choice in the insurance world at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, given our full commitment to market ethics and behaviors and advanced service, which is based on advanced technology and the company's philosophy based on bearing social responsibilities of all kinds.

Our job is to take the risk against the insurance premium. In addition to maintaining the financial position of our clients by clarifying the risks to which they are exposed and replacing them by paying the insurance premium. The location and center of Al Sagr Company for Cooperative Insurance in the Saudi insurance market allows it to provide the customer with added value for his business. The company’s branches and points of sale are spread all over the geographical area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the aim of providing optimal insurance solutions prepared in a scientific manner studied and supported by world-class reinsurance companies.

We take care of our customers of all kinds, whether they are individuals or companies, whether big or medium. Our approach with each of them varies according to their needs depending on the size and scope of work. This is why we operate around four different sectors through which we believe to be a true reflection of the economy. Which sector you are among these sectors, we are pleased to discuss the extent of this potential risk and provide appropriate insurance solutions for it. We believe there is a solution to all risks. However, there are some risks that cannot be insured, such as loss of reputation, competitive pressures and changes in regulations, which should be mitigated through good risk management. As for most other risks, they must be transferred to us as risk carriers.


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