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Thank you for taking time to visit our website. I sincerely hope that you will find answers for the many questions you have about our company products and services.

Mr. Aziz Ayoub
General Manager
First Economic Company

First Economic Company is a very well known Group as a leader and innovator in the confectionery field ,coffee roasting and related products manufacturing in addition to the fashion , the food & beverages retail business.

The Group started in 1996 turning the dreams and aspirations into a business reality of a successful group of companies engaged in retail and food manufacturing.

The Group started from a humble ground. It started with an F&B manufacturing company by inventing and making food and beverage products which were rarely available in the market and then selling / distributing them for the retail needs of a worldwide famous chains.

During the past few years, the company has achieved remarkable growth through its new openings that were carefully directed by a very clear vision and well planned marketing strategy. However, the company is currently adopting a vertical & horizontal growth strategy, whereby the focus is shifted towards developing new products with higher quality and new business Channels in order to expand the current customers' base and fully satisfy their needs. In other words, the target at this phase is to gain new customers and to retain loyalty from former ones. This is to be attained by improving quality, increasing products range, encouraging promotional activities.

The visionary founder started with a strong conviction and a clear vision that "If we develop world class products and provide outstanding services then we will always be the first one grabbing the opportunities whenever there is an explosion in market growth and the last one to fail if there is a recession".

He worked diligently with his team to establish the current leading food manufacturing company Bakery & Co. Subsequently, the hard work and the efforts were rewarded with the birth of other companies in different fields such as Food & Beverage Retail, Coffee Shops, Convenience Stores, Fashion retail, Tea and Specialized condiments manufacturing.

From thereon, with well-defined business identities, clear vision and mission, establishing total independence of business practices and principles, different companies under FECO established and developed.

International operations started in 2008 and now the group is a competitive differentiator in the retail and food & beverage industry with world class products and Brands.


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