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About Us

Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO) is a Saudi Joint–Stock company with a fully paid-up capital of SR 1,200,000,000 . It was established in 1986 . SPIMACO Addwaeih’s core business is medical and pharmaceutical, which includes development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical products and medical appliances. Moreover, SPIMACO also has ownership in number of joint stock ans limited liabilities companies inside and outside the Kingdom . SPIMACO has developed a strong position in Saudi Arabia and is well positioned to sustain its growth and have a sound platform to serve export markets.
SPIMACO main manufacturing facility – Al–Qassim Pharmaceutical Plant was planned , constructed and equipped up to the highest quality levels. SPIMACO earned a lot of national quality awards and attained major international certifications.

SPIMACO serves successfully several markets locally and internationally and have built superior relations with regulatory bodies and the medical professions at large. The heavy investments in regulatory, marketing, sales and international alliances gave SPIMACO the market capabilities to prosper and overtake a lot of competitors.

An important and distinctive advantage of SPIMACO strategy is its relations with multinational companies. A very flexible, objective and versatile approach let to a multitude of relationships that served the interests of all parties. SPIMACO is a successful joint stock company and it has one of the most actively traded shares in the Saudi stock market.


SPIMACO ADDWAEIH is committed to provide high quality pharmaceutical products of international standards that earn the loyalty of its customers through internal development and strategic alliances to benefit its shareholders, employees, and the society.


SPIMACO ADDWAEIH is to be leader locally and active globally.


- Patient Services:

SPIMACO ADDWAEIH believes in its responsibility towards patients and recognizes their needs, therefore, it is committed extensively to meet their needs and provide the right medicine at right time.

- Customer Satisfaction:

SPIMACO ADDWAEIH values its customers and cares for their needs, therefore, it is committed to work with its customers directly to understand their needs and requirements, and it is committed to provide high quality products that meet their needs and expectations and earn their loyalty.

- Serving Community:

SPIMACO ADDWAEIH believes in its responsibility towards the society where it operates, therefore, it is committed to contribute to serving the society effectively.

- Efficient Performance:

SPIMACO ADDWAEIH realizes the importance of improving the efficiency of its performance to achieve its goals with the lowest possible cost, it is committed to continuous investment in technology and adopting new management techniques and practices

- Employees Empowerment & Development:

SPIMACO ADDWAEIH acknowledges its employees and their role in accomplishing its goals and in its growth, therefore, it is committed to recruit and keep individuals with high qualification, and it is committed to motivate and train its staff to improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities and empower them to provide excellent services to its customers. In return, it expects employees to perform effectively with outstanding professionalism, and loyalty.

- Continuous Quality Improvement:

SPIMACO ADDWAEIH believes in its responsibility towards patients, health care providers, and the society where it operates, therefore it is committed to apply highest quality standards on its products during all phases of development, production, warehousing and marketing.

- Team Spirit:

SPIMACO ADDWAEIH realizes the importance of teamwork for the growth of the company and its success in teams to continuously improve organizational performance.

- Shareholders Service:

SPIMACO ADDWAEIH believes in its resp onsibility towards its shareholders and values their confidence in the company, therefore, it is committed to provide reasonable returns for their investments in the company.


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