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About Us

Saudi International Trading Company Ltd. (SITCO Pharma) SITCO Pharma was established in 1982. The activity of the subsidiary is concentrated in the distribution of pharmaceutical products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SITCO Pharma is considered one of the major pharmaceutical distributors in the kingdom and occupies a leadership position in this area. It is the description agent for a number of major global companies specializing in the pharmaceutical industry. Also, it provides a large part of the global pharmaceutical needs for all health sectors in the kingdom through its distribution network deployed in all areas. SITCO Pharma capital totals five million Saudi Riyals. It is considered one of the largest national distributors of vaccines and refrigerated medications (such as insulin and hormones enrichment), which requires special conditions in transportation and storage.

SITCO Pharma characterized to join the world up for the manufacture and distribution of medicines, which are focused on the highest quality standards in the storage, transport and all dealings and industry standards and specifications accurate, as well as providing customer services, and a lot of other services such as commercial services, as well as the use of fast development of technology and transform the company’s transactions to technical trading through Company website.

OUR Mission

We are the leading pharmaceutical distributor and high-tech manufacture in kingdom of Saudi Arabia world class quality services and products to our multinational parties and clients.

OUR Vision

Be the #1 integrated pharmaceutical provider in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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