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About Us

Mubarrad was established in Riyadh in 1984 as a limited liability company with a modest land transport fleet and a humble vision within the trucking business. After initial success and growth; the company was renamed Saudi Transport and Investment Company (Mubarrad) to match the aspirations of its main shareholders and board of directors. Committed to continued growth, the company is integrating many state-of-the-arts processes, like GPS tracking and advanced ERP system, to further streamline the customer experience.

Following a complete corporate restructuring in the first quarter of 2012, Mubarrad is establishing and implementing a number of best-practice corporate governance measures to ensure transparency, accountability, and to serve the needs of our investors and shareholders.

Today, the company is a Saudi joint stock company is a leading provider of trucking transportation and logistics solutions, which handles hundreds of shipping transactions daily, with numbers consistently rising. Mubarrad’s employees stand firmly behind their mission to provide superior support to serve their customers and handle all types of shipment needs.

With a vibrant Saudi economy and strong growth across the region, the outlook for Mubarrad looks brighter than ever and we invite all our customers, business partners, investors, shareholders, and employees to join us on our journey toward the next 30 years.


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