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The Saudi Equestrian Federation was established by virtue of the decision of His Royal Highness the General President of Youth Welfare No. 8252 dated 5/29/1410 AH corresponding to 12/27/1989 AD under the name of the Saudi Federation for Equestrian Games and Arrows and in the new formation of sports federations in the Kingdom its name was changed by Resolution No. 3636 and date 30/12/1421 AH to the Saudi Equestrian Federation chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Nawwaf bin Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz, Vice President General for Youth Welfare. The Saudi Equestrian Federation is a sports body that provides advancement of equestrian games and intensifies their use in global materials and events that deal with the acquisition, production and training of horses for the purpose of equestrian games and educate equestrian society and its history and the Kingdom's historic achievements in this field.



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