About Us

Proceeding from our role in Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Customs vision aims to support the Kingdom in building a prosperous economy that utilizes its strategic geographic position, increases the volume of international trade between Asia, Europe and Africa, and maximizes gains from trade. The Kingdom’s logistic location and proximity to energy sources are the incentive toward a new beginning of manufacturing, and export and re-export to all countries around the world.

Over the past few years, Saudi Arabia has invested heavily in the construction of ports, railways, roads and airports. To take full advantage of these investments, Customs plan to work with the private sector to improve and link our infrastructure locally and internationally. We also plan to realize more profit through higher performance, more rigorous governance, leaner processes, and a more efficient customs system. We will improve existing laws and regulations to enable and encourage air, maritime, and other transport operators to make the most of their capacity and achieve durable links between existing trade hubs, as well as opening new trade routes. This will reinforce our position as a distinctive logistical gateway to the three continents through implementing initiatives for the National Transformation Program (NTP) where Customs contribute to the realization of several of them.

Our Vision

To be the first in region that provides remarkable customs services to become a global logistics hub.

Customs strategy

- Leadership

Through its strategic vision, Saudi Customs strives to achieve regional leadership in line with the Kingdom's status and political and economic significance in the region.

- Excellence

By raising the quality of customs services, Saudi Customs goal is to provide distinguished services taking advantage of the great potentials available in the Kingdom.

- Ambition

Through this vision, Saudi Customs presents itself as a world-class logistics platform investing ambitiously in Saudi’s unique geographical position to meet the aspirations of the Kingdom for a brighter future.

Our Mission 

Saudi Customs Strategic Plan 2020 will contribute to stimulate the economy and enable the Kingdom to be a global logistics center through: trade facilitation, revenue generation, customer care, and protecting the country and society efficiently and effectively.

Institutional Values

- Innovation

To promote the culture of creative thinking and generate new ideas that contribute to the improvement of customs operations.

- Team Spirit

Strengthen cooperation and support between team members of Customs be it internally, or with other government agencies, or with the private sector.

- Transparency

To make information accessible and available, and to raise awareness of the work by ensuring constant communication with stakeholders.

- Justice and Equality

By the enforcement of regulations and laws without discrimination or preference in respect of customs operations both external and internal.

- Discipline

Discipline in performing work duties to the fullest extent to achieve the expected levels of productivity.


Business Hours

Sunday 08:00 AM - 02:00 PM
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