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About Us

The Multilingual Office for Certified Translation, which is a leading Saudi company in the field of translation, with its headquarters in Riyadh. The company was founded by senior translators and editors, and it provides translation, Arabization, editing and publishing services at competitive prices and with absolute accuracy according to the highest local and international standards. It also provides certified translation service to all embassies, consulates, bodies and institutions.

Our vision:

We seek to be the first and leading office in the field of translation, not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also in the entire Middle East, by taking into account the necessary care and providing the competencies and techniques required to provide services with the highest level of accuracy and as quickly as possible to always remain the best choice for our valued customers.

Our message:

In light of the openness between peoples and cultures in the world and the ease of communication, we have the task of eliminating the language barriers that exist between different peoples and cultures, as well as facilitating the communication process between companies and clients worldwide.

The Multilingual Office also provides translation services in more than 40 languages. The Riyadh office has a wide range of clients; From international companies to startups and even individual entities. The office works to meet the different requirements of clients in the field of translation. Confidentiality, professionalism, and experience are at the top of the business standards that distinguish the Multilingual Office from the rest of the competing offices. Thanks to our passion for supporting our customers, we make our primary interest is to help them fully integrate into the target market.


The importance of hiring specialists in translating documents

Be sure to upgrade the content you provide to your customers rather than offering it in one language. Make sure to take advantage of the financial growth that accompanies globalization. Do you want to triple the sales from your products or services provided? We can help you achieve this by converting the content into the language your customers speak.

You have probably reached this page because you want to expand your business and enter international markets and are fully aware that your new customers want you to communicate with them in their mother tongue, and this includes procedures for purchasing the product / service and receiving after-sales service.

To win more customers, give them a unique experience in their local language. By doing this, you increase your sales, expand your business, and earn more profits. Are these your goals?

We can help you achieve your goals. Let's start with translation services that set us apart.


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