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About Us

Inspired by local’s all-time favourites – coffee and buns, as well as Malaysian’s on the move lifestyle, Mamma Roti advocates the idea of One Bun Kiosk, a fast casual franchise that serves authentic and memorable taste of coffee coated buns with a sweet buttery-rich taste – namely, Mexican bun. Established in 2004, Mamma Rotihas grown rapidly and is now serving freshly baked Mexican buns to people from all over the world .

Mamma Roti  is tailored to suit your needs based on your lifestyles and demands for a fast, yet quality bun that not only fill you up but also provides a tantalizing and strong coffee aroma fragrance that makes you crave for more. Coffee lovers will never get enough of it while non coffee lovers will find it hard to resist with the tangy buttery flavour comes within.

Nobody makes better Mexican Bun than Mamma Roti does, because being a One Bun Kiosk, we are truly committed to serve only the best.

In 2012, Wonderful Meals Co.  opened the first Mamma Roti Café  in Riyadh City , Saudi Arabia –  with passion ,And  now, Mamma Roti Café found in more than 50 locations across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Egypt and coming soon UAE, Oman ,Qatar, Bahrain  . That’s a lot of Buns being baked fresh and delivered to a lot of happy customers around the world . We’re passionate about our people and baking fresh delicious Buns, our customers stand at service counter to watch behind, talented team and look at our baking process.


At Mamma Roti Café , we have a set of values that govern everything we do and a vision we’re all working towards , All to ensure that the Mamma Roti  experience is great,  not just for our customers;  but our staff too.


Mamma Roti Buns begin with carefully tasted recipes, highly controlled baking process . And the finest ingredients, each Bun is handcrafted and baked fresh daily inside neighborhood shop. 

Flour– The key ingredient of all breads and buns. At Mamma Roti, we understand how flour quality could affect the texture of our buns. Thus, all flour are carefully sourced and selected. We use only the best and freshest.

Eggs – Eggs add colour and flavour as they bake. They help ingredients bind together, help emulsify the ingredients for smoother texture, add moisture and make the bun light and fluffy.

Coffee Cream– The soul of an irresistible Mexican bun. Selection of premium coffee cream gives Mamma Roti its fatal attraction of coffee flavoured aroma which smells from distance.

Skill – Together with the finest making and baking skills, Mamma Roti serves you with a compelling coffee-flavoured Mexican bun that has a crunchy and crispy exterior and yet soft, fluffy and rich inside.


Mamma Roti Coffee Is our Passion!!

The Mamma Roti coffee blend is a medium roast that is both classically & balanced profile with an amazing roundness of Arabica beans, notes with cocoa aroma and a hint of dark chocolate taste , then sweet subtle aftertaste. Our coffee is roasted in small-batches for freshness, because we believe with great coffee beans comes great cup of coffee.

At Mamma Roti coffee beans has growing, harvesting, and processing done by experts and masters of coffee blends. You can enjoy it as an espresso, browed coffee, and milk coffee drinks at Mamma Roti Café at friendly and modern atmosphere.


Business Hours

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