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His Excellency the Minister of Health - previously - Dr. Rashad Pharaoh distributed the invitation to attend the opening ceremony of King Saud First Hospital in Riyadh, on the morning of the eighth day of Rabi` Al Thani for the year (1376AH-1956AD) with a clinical capacity of (450) beds, under the auspices of King Saud bin Abdulaziz, who Prefer to pay the costs of construction, furnishing, furnishing, and equipping, and the hospital included ambulance departments, internal diseases, orthopedics, general surgery, women and childbirth, children, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology and preventive immunization, in which a medical staff from Germany worked, and in (1382 AH) a building was opened Outpatient clinics, and in (1384 AH) during the period of his dependence Dr. Youssef Al-Hajri Ministry of Health The name of the hospital has been changed to Riyadh Hospital



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