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The center's service is based on making the possible according to the scientific principles to develop the child's level of performance in all aspects of life. Where our centers adopt and specialize in the policy of early intervention that would achieve better results. Our centers also offer their services as part of a pre-programmed scientific rehabilitation program with formulation of the plan and level according to each child and his level. It is concerned with the continuous training and development of cadres to keep pace with the scientific and applied development in the field of early intervention.

Our goal :

Improving the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families, integrating them socially, developing the child's performance in skills, overcoming difficulties and behaviors, and adopting it through himself through a professional entity in the rehabilitation; it includes the best specialists and the best specialized treatment programs.

Our scientific reference:

The center is based on its programs on established scientific foundations based on standardized international schools. The center has also achieved an achievement by creating and developing programs based on scientific foundations, as the center applies an effective and independent program for early intervention for children with hyperactivity, distraction and autism. The center is distinguished by organizing the mechanisms and strategies predetermined that follow in the rehabilitation of children. The center employs new qualifying and training scientific techniques such as Cogmed, Play attention, Sensory Room and Relaxation Techniques. The center is based on specialized scientific councils to review programs and their scientific foundations, and follow up cases. A group of consultants and doctors participate in the scientific committee

We pass through you

The Human Development Centers (Transit) specialize in providing and developing diagnostic, evaluation and rehabilitation services, and provide their services through (13) thirteen projects, including (10) ten day care centers for the disabled and (3) three schools specialized in ADHD, high performance, and intellectual disabilities .

The series of human development centers is the most widespread and largest, as it serves approximately 30% of rehabilitation and day care seats in the private sector for developmental and intellectual disabilities, and the centers provide services in 10 main areas for more than 1500 children and adults daily


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