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About Us

By the end of 1429H (2008), the establishment of the entrepreneurship society was approved by the Royal Decree as a scientific society at King Saud University.
The entrepreneurship society is considered the first professional scientific society in the Arab world. The society seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial culture in the society and promote systematic scientific awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship in the progress of advanced societies. The society will enhance communication between universities, academic field and the large community.
Through its periodic activities of symposiums, seminars, academic magazines, periodicals and brochures, the society will effectively contribute towards entrepreneurship.

Concept of the society’s inception

Due to the international scientific leap during the last decade moving towards supporting entrepreneurship concepts and modern applied education, and transfer to knowledge based economics in higher education, it was necessary to create a specialized scientific society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia interested in entrepreneurship. Therefore, the idea of establishing the entrepreneurship society was originated by an elite of specialists led by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Alshemaimri by forming the constituent committee of the said society. This was based on the importance of integrating efforts and cooperation among the specialists to take the maximum advantage of this science, in addition to the importance of the society as a link between the specialists and private sector, promoting awareness and providing consultancy in this field.

Objectives of the society

Entrepreneurship Society aims to develop the entrepreneurial thought and provide an opportunity for those working in the field of entrepreneurship, small enterprises and bold capital to contribute to the movement of scientific progress in the Kingdom and facilitate exchange of scientific production and scientific ideas. It also aims to provide advice and conduct the necessary studies to raise performance level in different institutions and bodies, where the society is seeking to achieve a set of objectives, most notably:

- Enhance the applied method in university education and support the transition towards the practical productive programs.
- Encourage creativity and innovation in the field of business compatible with the requirements of development.
- Contribute to the preparation of a privileged generation of future businessmen.
- Encourage members of the community to exercise self-employment and the adoption of entrepreneurial thought.
- Achieve scientific communication of the Society members and promote cooperation between universities and the community.
- Provide advisory services in various areas of concern to the government and private institutions.
- Development of academic and professional performance of the members of the Society and exchange of experiences between specialists in this field.
- Facilitate the exchange of scientific research and production in various entrepreneurial topics and themes by holding seminars, scientific conferences and exchange of scientific visits and lectures.
- Link the academic research in the entrepreneurial field with the need of the public and private sectors and identify the need of such sectors for applied research and the creation of appropriate communication channels to activate and outputs and results of this research in the practical aspects that fulfill the needs of the community. 


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