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About Us

Dar Al Uloom University was established for both male and female students with a clear strategy for the integration of education with learning through Dar Al Uloom Company for Education after 2 decades of field experience in education.

Because of its mission, ambitious vision and grandeur of investments, the foundation board was comprised of elite experts in education from Saudi Arabia and abroad in order to work on the main projects, build academic programs and establish technical foundations.  

The construction of the university campus was selected from amongst the best architectural designs, proving the university’s potential to accomplish its educational objectives in a modern context. The design provides the ease of movement and separation with full consideration of all the academic environment and the modern equipment.  

Dar Al Uloom University was commissioned by His Highness the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, Prime Minister and Chairman of High Education Board, based on the approval of the Higher Education Council in its 52nd Session on 25/11/1429 H.

 The university’s distinguished future and the great career opportunities is for those who are interested in higher education. Whether they are males or females, the university contributes to the human development of its students through modern education, international quality and academic accreditation in modern facilities.


The university was inaugurated with four colleges for males and females in one campus:

-College of Law, as the 1st college of law in Saudi Arabia.

-College of Business Administration and its majors (Marketing, Finance and Banking, HR Administration)

-College of Computer Engineering and IT and its majors (Computer Science, Program Engineering & Information Technology)

-College of Education and Human Development and its majors (Special Education & Early Childhood)


Dar Al Uloom University opened a fifth college for males and females:

-College of Architectural Engineering and Digital Design (CADD)


Post-graduate studies were later inaugurated for males and females:

-Post-graduate Dept. at the College of Law, to grant master degrees in Commercial Law and in Criminal Law.

-Post-graduate Dept. at the College of Business Administration to grant master degrees in business administration and in Administrative Information Systems.

A major advancement was achieved when the medical colleges were inaugurated for males and females. The University Board of Trustees decided to close the College of Education and the College of Computer Engineering so that the administrative and technical resources of the university would be redirected for the medical colleges. Later, the Ministry of Higher Education approved of this decision and granted Dar Al Uloom University the license for the following medical colleges:

-College of Medicine

-College of Dentistry

-College of Applied Medical Science and its majors (Nursing, Rays and Medical Photography, Medical Labs, Emergency Services & Pharmacy)

All these programs are managed by qualified and experienced faculty, with academic cooperation with national and international universities. Set within a modern campus, there is an environment that caters for a comprehensive academic, social, cultural, sports and entertainment in order to support the needs of the labor market with graduates who are distinguished academically and skillfully. 



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