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About Us

Our vision

We believe that the child's early years are the essential stage of drawing a character, building life, and the future.  It is the right of the child to have a careful, educated in an educational environment full of love and discovery, based on solid scientific foundations, so that a child with a distinct personality emerges, so that, God willing, he will become an active member of his society, adhering to his religion, loyal to his homeland.  Spreading awareness in the community about the correct education methods and ways to deal with the child.

 Our message

 The service of the working mother in creating a distinct and safe educational environment for the child from the age of months to the age of 5 years that is built on the basis of taking into account his personality and abilities, and ensuring that the child is directed and encouraged to drive him to success through play, research, exploration and the use of all his senses and mind in building  His skills and abilities and discovering his inclinations and creativity.

 Our goals

 1.  Establishing Islamic belief and values ​​in the same child.
 2.  Providing an ideal educational environment with experience in the field of early childhood that helps the working mother.
 3.  Stimulating physical, mental, linguistic, psychological and social development with a balance in the child.
 4.  Spreading awareness in the community about the correct methods of education and ways to deal with the child.
 5.  Attracting experiences in the field of childhood to facilitate and achieve the latest educational curricula and effective methods in education.

“Children are the future”
 Affaf bin Ghaith - Founder


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