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Body Masters Academy is a martial arts school teaching a wide range of martial arts disciplines. Supervised by world class Brazilian and multinational coaches our Academy is specialized in the following

• A quick look at the types of martial arts available at Body Masters Academy

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu :

BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the other person. Carlos Gracie and his brother Helio are considered the founders of Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

Muay Thai:

Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on shins is known as "the art of eight limbs" because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins , being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fighter very efficient. Muay Thai became widespread internationally in the twentieth century, when practitioners defeated notable practitioners of other martial arts


Boxing is the sport or practice of fighting with the fists. Boxing mainly focuses on punching offensive and defensive techniques. Through boxing techniques, the boxer is able to neutralize his opponent through using only punching and closed fist techniques.

MMA:: Mixed Martial Arts

MMA uses the variety of martial art disciplines and merges them into one unified flow. Through the study of Mixed Martial Arts the student is able to integrate a variety of both striking and ground techniques into one form of martial art.

• Subscription Packages in Body Masters Martial Arts Academy:

Package 1: 

• Enables member to train in 1 Martial Arts discipline of choice
• 3 sessions/week 
• Full Access to Body Masters Gym

Package 2:

• Enables member to train in 2 martial arts disciplines of choice
• Free access to MMA conditioning program
• 6 sessions/week
• Full Access to Body Masters Gym

Package 3:

• Enables member full access to train in all available martial arts
• Free access to MMA conditioning program
• Unlimited sessions/week
• Full access to Body Masters gym



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