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About AXA

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As one of the largest global insurers, our purpose is to empower people to live a better life. Our business is to protect people over the long term, by designing reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers, manage risks in a professional way, treat our partners fairly, and develop a work environment built on AXA strong values: Customer First, Integrity, Courage, and One AXA. AXA present in 61 countries around the world, AXA operates in Saudi Arabia with more than 370 employees working in 16 branches and retail stores in the region through all channels and social media networks. It offers a range of products and services designed to suit every customer, covering property of accident, life and health insurance.

AXA clients are life partners

Our customers are the starting point for all our work. We strive to give them more choices, more innovation and more power to decide how, when and where access our products and services, while making sure we provide excellence, and quality for everything we deliver.


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