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About Us

Anan Iskan was established in 2008 in anticipation of high demand for housing workers and service workers in the Kingdom. It is expected that the demand for these services will increase due to two main factors, namely the increasing demand for housing for foreign workers at reasonable prices resulting from the lack of appropriate offers and the opening of economic cities throughout the Kingdom. Therefore, Annan housing develops and provides housing for workers and service workers, and provides housing at competitive prices, or what is commonly referred to as reasonable value housing (VAA). It is also a joint project between Anan Holding Company and Saudi Bin Laden Group. The project is currently developing workers housing in Riyadh Industrial City 2, in cooperation with the Industrial Cities Authority for workers who work in factories located in the Riyadh Industrial City.

Vision Statement..

To play a leading role in the workers accommodation sector throughout the GCC.

Mission Statement..

To advocate workers wellbeing by managing and operating workers accommodation facilities in compliance with World-Class standards.

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