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About Us

Amlak International for real estate financing is the leading and the first company which was granted a license to engage in real estate financing activities in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency "SAMA". Amlak International carried the flag to provide innovative real estate financing solutions for individuals and companies sectors, in accordance with the standards and provisions of the Islamic law and under the supervision of a Sharia supervisory board, composed of sheikhs and scholars with expertise and knowledge in Islamic banking and financing.

Amlak International was founded and started its activity as a Saudi company based in Riyadh, with a paid up capital of 906 million Saudi Riyal, in October 2007.

We, at Amlak International, are aware of the importance of the future of the real estate market in the kingdom, and understand the market's needs for the future projects and the underlying challenges to the success of these projects and owning the residential units by the individuals. By using our solid expertise, we will seek to fulfill the needs of our customers in terms of good quality and high value in our integrated residential and business real estate financing solutions, in addition to full commitment to the noble values of our society. We are always striving towards achieving the continuous satisfaction of our customers through our full commitment to the real partnership with them and by providing the required financial and advisory support through a trained team that is dedicated for providing advice to all customers in order to achieve their ambitions and goals as part of our vision to the advancement of the real estate sector in the Kingdom and to be the leading company in real estate financing that is consistent with the provisions of the Islamic law by providing innovative real estate financing solutions in Saudi Arabia.

Excellence is the art that makes the impossible, possible

Amlak International Company had obtained a license to practice real estate financing activity according to the regulations of the real estate financing issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency "SAMA". Based on this license, Amlak International is considered as the second entity in the kingdom and the first among real estate financing companies that obtained this license. This achievement reflects the readiness of the company and its compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Amlak International Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision:

To be the real estate financier of choice .

Our mission:

- Offer our customers innovative, value-added financial solutions; and a long-term relationship built on confidence and mutual remuneration.
- Maximize the sustainable value of our shareholders’ investments, by balancing economic rewards and risks.
- Recognize our people as a treasured resource, and act as a catalyst to unlock their potential and expand personal horizons.
- Engage constructively to meet the real estate ownership aspirations of society, to build and preserve household and private wealth..

Our values:

- Innovation: Proactively changing, reinventing and evolving, to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. 
- Leadership: Being the standard-bearer in each of the business segments we operate in, offering an unsurpassed value proposition to meet and exceed customer needs. 
- Trust: Building strong and enduring relationships with all stakeholders, based on candor, mutual respect and fair play. 
- Competence: Developing market-leading capabilities by being professional, empowering, inclusive and meritocratic. 
- Ownership: Being accountable to customers, shareholders, employees and societies, in pursuit of balanced and sustainable returns and growth. 


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