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About Al Salam Al Mutahida Company 
Al Salam United Pilgrims Services Company, headquartered in Makkah Al Mukarramah, is a national company specializing in the services of pilgrims inside the country. It has been honored to serve the guests of Rahman for more than a quarter of a century. The company has a specialized and professional team in the field of Hajj pilgrims services, for its tireless search for qualified competencies in the field of pilgrims and crowd management. In addition, the United Peace Company has the best and most modern technology that facilitates all effective communication with Hajj pilgrims before and during the registration process for the Hajj season, such as communicating with them via SMS and the company’s channel on Telegram, the company’s website and the company’s Twitter account . On the other hand, Al Salam Company is distinguished for its distinguished location in Muna Real Estate towers, which have a special path for the stone-throwing sites and the possession of a fleet of private golf carts for the pilgrims to bring them to their desired destination in Mina's hair.

A leading and distinguished company in the field of pilgrims services

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Excellence in providing high-quality services to the guests of Rahman so that they can fully perform their rituals

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Truth, honesty and fear of God alone. Quality services that satisfy the pilgrims of the House of God. Finally, choosing good companionship.


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