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 Al Rajhi Takaful Company is looking to enrich the experience of Takaful Insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where our work is centered on principles based on ethics and justice, and we reject the idea of ​​any unjustified business gains on your account. These are the principles that will make Al Rajhi Takaful Company the best choice for you and all segments of Saudi society.

The company will be supported by prestigious and prestigious institutions, in addition to investment institutions and investors.

With Al Rajhi Takaful Company, you can make sure that your insurance needs are managed by a committed and professional team with experience in the insurance field, and committed to putting all of their expertise to the success of this insurance model.

Al-Rajhi Takaful Company is fully prepared to overcome the challenges in the market. With the help of a highly motivated team working with the latest technology in information management in order to fulfill the promise of providing first-class insurance services, with an added return to the Saudi economy. The company also aims to expand the use of Takaful in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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