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At "Al-Namas Corporation" we are committed to match both the client's and the candidate's needs for a perfect fitness. Our mission is to develop long term partnership with our clients to provide innovative, professional search services. These relationships are built on integrity, commitments and mutual trust. By exceeding our clients expectations, we advance the achievement of their corporate goals, making Dar & Sons one of the most sought-agter allies in the manpower job market. Pakistan is the land of hard working people and our recruitment agency M/S Al-Namas Corporation (O.E.P.L No. OP&HRD/4365/RWP/2018, by Ministry of Manpower, Government of Pakistan) is proud to present itself as one of the leading suppliers of Pakistani Manpower.

As a matter of fact we have been active in this business since 2003. Our principal market is in the Middle East, Far East and Africa especially Saudi Arabia, Bahrain UAE, Kuwait, Muscat, Qatar, Sudan, Malaysia, Ethiopia and Yemen. We have been pioneer in the field of Manpower export in these countries. We are the market leaders, providing reliable, fair and professional transactions, safeguarding interest of both the employer and the employee.

Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad are our recruitment centers, covering an area of about 1,000 miles in Pakistan. We are equipped with an organized and integrated network of recruitment with the latest communication and information technology. In the presence of our country-wide coverage we have an edge to locate, scrutinize and recruit the most appropriate people as per the requirements and set standards of our valued clients. Satisfaction of the employers is our prime consideration because our success lies there. This link will show you a list of our prestigious clients who can readily verify our credentials.

The number of Pakistani labour supplied to the Middle East countries during the last many years are more than 5000. Our honest moral principle and high ethical values are the true cause of the satisfaction of our honored clients.

Arabic, English, Urdu, Shima and Khawar are the languages, in which the Proprietor and chairman of this company, Mr. Sheraz Ahmed can communicate with the people of different backgrounds. His command over these languages and wide experience in the recruitment business give him a distinction. Because of his entrepreneurial sprit of growth.



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