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About Us

 "AJIL ensures best practice and operational excellence in the

delivery of financial solutions that meet customers’ specific needs."

AJIL is a financial leasing company providing state of the art financial solutions to a discerning clientele in the construction, transportation, services, trading and manufacturing sectors. A closed joint stock company; it counts amongst its shareholders some distinguished Saudi companies as well as major international corporations. In less than fifteen years, AJIL has become a market leader.

» The AJIL Vision

Our vision is to maintain steady growth as we diversify our products portfolio, strengthen our position in each of the sectors that we serve, improve our rating and consolidate our position as the leading financial services provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

» The AJIL Mission

Utilising best professional practice and operational excellence, we strive to deliver client-centric financial solutions while exercising appropriate commercial prudence and enhancing shareholder value.

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